Capturing Window Text?

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Capturing Window Text?

Postby Orion on Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:30 pm

Hello? Is anyone here at all? I've tried a post, I've tried an e-mail to support and no answers at all from anyone.

it now appears that Phantom is incapable of capturing text from within a window at ALL.

I've got it launching Internet Explorer, going to a website, and waiting for a login box to pop up...And since I cannot capture any of the text in the windows, I can't
really test to be sure the windows exist as I want. I also can't really interact with what the application is doing because there is apparently no way to grab the text
anywhere other than the title-bar.

Am I completely clueless? Am I just missing the statement I need? But GetText just gives me the title-bar text which is essentially useless.

H E L P!

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Re: Capturing Window Text?

Postby john on Mon Dec 13, 2010 7:20 pm


Sometimes Phantom can have trouble getting text from a HTML view (or any non-MFC window). However, for HTML in Internet Explorer, Phantom *should* have been able to get the text. Is this a Java-based app that IE is loading? Or a regular text webpage?

What is the full line you are using to try and get the text?

I am sorry we have not responded... I don't know why we did not receive an e-mail regarding this, but I have no record of any e-mails on this subject. Can you try and send it again, with an the script you are using as an attachement?

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